The Central Zone meeting of Jesuit Social Scientists of South Asia took place at XISA Raipur from 23 to 25 June 2023. The meeting was attended by 17 participants, including the Provincial. Despite initial concerns about heat waves, the meeting was blessed with favourable weather and marked the beginning of the monsoon season. Everything proceeded smoothly. Fr. Vincent Ekka served as the Coordinator for the Central Zone, while Fr. Alfred Toppo held the position of Coordinator for the MAP Newsletter 7 July, 2023 Province, and it is worth noting that our Province has the highest number of Social Scientists. The day commenced with a Holy Eucharist celebrated by the Provincial, and the main resource person was Fr. Lancy Lobo from the Gujrat Province. He focused on two key areas of concern: “Reimagining India for the 21st Century” and “Christian Contribution to Nation-building.” Participants from each Province shared their perspectives, and discussions also touched upon the upcoming general election. By the end of the day, everyone expressed satisfaction with the meeting, describing it as fruitful, meaningful, and successful.