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The Jesuits are a religious order with a global presence in 112 countries and around 16,000 members. They are made up of priests, brothers, and seminarians who work in various roles, from retreat directors to teachers, doctors, poets, lawyers, social workers, writers, administrators, professors, pastors, scientists, and artists.
Jesuits are committed to loving and serving God, and they engage in various ministries that promote social justice, foster inter-religious dialogue, and undertake charitable activities. They work as missionaries, uplift the underprivileged, and advocate for the rights of the marginalized.
Becoming a Jesuit is a profound lifelong commitment, and former Superior General Pedro Arrupe once advised a young aspirant that the essential qualities for this calling are an unwavering devotion to Christ, a compassionate heart, an open spirit, and a sense of humour. He urged potential candidates to embark on this journey only if they genuinely embrace the calling and want to contribute to the Society of Jesus’ mission.
The Jesuits’ impact on the world is marked by their selfless dedication and service to humanity. They have left a lasting legacy of positive change wherever they have served.

The Jesuits seek men who are called by God and demonstrate the following qualities:

  • A profound personal love for Jesus Christ.

  • A prayerful disposition that leads to meaningful action.

  • Self-awareness and understanding of oneself.

  • A devout religious practice.

  • Intellectual aptitude and curiosity.

  • A sense of sociability and openness to others.

  • Familiarity with the values and principles of the Jesuits.

  • Good physical health.

  • A history of service and compassion for the less fortunate.

  • A genuine joy and willingness to embrace a life of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

  • A fervent desire and zeal to become a part of the Jesuit community.

Here are some ways in which you can learn more about the Society of Jesus in Madhya Pradesh Province:

Fr. Alok Toppo, S.J. (Vocation Promoter)
Loyola House, Kunkuri, PO.
Dt. Jashpur, 496 225 (C.G.)
Email:        Mb No. 08223820270