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Province Development Office (Sahbhagita)

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We would be grateful for your further support in executing the Province plan, as described here.

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Account No:      40109021113

Bank:                 STATE BANK OF INDIA

Branch Code:    00691

IFSC No:            SBIN0000691

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Fr. Bipin Kishor Kujur, SJ

Province Development Office (Sahbhagita)

St. Xavier’s Residence Ambikapur P.O. PIN 497 001

Dist. Surguja C. G. India



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History and Growth of MAP Jesuit Province

Fr. Constant Lievens, SJ (Moorslede, Belgium) began the Jesuit Tribal Mission in India with his arrival at Ranchi in 1885. It was the beginning of a historical period that still continues. The Madhya Pradesh Jesuit Mission was a small mission territory of Ranchi Jesuit Province from 1905 till 1979. It was raised to the status of a region on February 6, 1979, under Ranchi Province with Fr. William Missiaen, SJ as the regional superior. The Madhya Pradesh Region initiated more development work through primary and secondary education, pastoral care, cultural revival, socio-economic awareness, and other developmental programmes. Eventually, the Madhya Pradesh Region was made into a full-fledged province on April 27, 1992, with Fr. Patras Minj, SJ a local tribal Jesuit as the first provincial. The Province includes the two civil states – Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Today there are 251 Jesuits (162 Priests, 84 Scholastics in formation, and 05 brothers) working in Madhya Pradesh Province.

Province Development Office

The Madhya Pradesh Province Development Office is trying to lay a strong foundation for the sustainable development of the province with a committed workforce. It works towards the empowerment of the people and the sustainability of the mission of the province through its service to the priority groups namely Adivasis, Dalits, and marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society.

The MAP province has started the Province Development Office (PDO) with the name SAHBHAGITA meaning “People’s participation” to coordinate better all the development works in the province. Fundraising from local and International sources is one of the main jobs of this office.

The province Development Office certainly needs the support to carry forward the mission works started by our forefathers to create a holistic and inclusive society. Hence, the PDO invites all generous collaborators, like-minded friends, family, organizations, and well-wishers to join in this noble task of creating a better world based on human and gospel values.

The MAP province is very grateful for the Flemish Jesuit pioneers who laid the foundation stone for our life and mission today. Although we – the local Jesuits – took over, the historical links with the Flemish Jesuit Province will continue. This we realize very concretely in the form of guidance in fundraising and big support we get to continue creatively the missions handed over to us by the Flemish Jesuits.

Vision: “Creating a better society based on the Gospel and Human Values and transforming people’s life, especially of the tribals, Dalits, and other marginalized sections of the people.

Mission: “Engaging themselves in the fields of education, social transformation, cultural-religion revival, sustainable livelihood, and political awareness, especially among the tribals, Dalits, and other marginalized groups of people.”

Our Reach

  • 28 Educational Institutions
  • 18 Socio-Pastoral Ministry
  • 03 Social Action Centres
  • 01 Spiritual Animation Centre
  • 02 Youth Animation Centre
  • 03 Formation Centres
  • 02 Skill Training Centres
  • 02 Health Care Centres

Major Jesuit Apostolic Engagements

  • Primary and Secondary Education
  • Social work
  • Socio-Pastoral Care
  • Youth Animation and Formation:
  • Skill Training
  • Networking and Collaboration
  • Health Care 
  • Promotion of Local Culture
  • Project Development
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Documentation and Communication
  • Capacity Building
  • Legal Aid